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When you call on strippers to come to you at your service, you are getting so much more than you would in a regular boring strip club. You’ve been to those clubs where the girls mindlessly dance to song after song, hardly paying any attention to the patrons there. Don’t just be a blank face in the club that she doesn’t care about. It’s so much better to have a hot lady come right up to your suite to entertain you erotically.

Get those private lap dances in your own champagne room where you don’t have to worry about anyone watching you. It’s the uber private way to enjoy the company of a gorgeous perfect 10 escort in Las Vegas. Where else can you have a stunning example of feminine beauty all to yourself? Nowhere in the world does the erotic good times roll like it does in Vegas.

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When in Nevada looking for a good time, you really need to go big or go home. No, we don't mean go for the heavest girl you can find (unless you're into that, than by all means go for it). We mean you need to shoot for the hottest women who are able to show you the most amount of fun. When you look towards your time in Nevada, you may automatically look towards the strippers.

That is kind of the default way of looking for women, right? Wherever you're from you probably hit up the strip clubs when you want to see hot naked women (or at least naked...we've been to some strip clubs and there's a reason why the lights are way down low). Well, strippers are good, you know, if you're into dropping cash every three minutes in order to maintain her attention. But here's the thing. Escorts are the real deal, they only have you in mind, and they are going to help take your time in the city to the next level. So, when it comes to women, go for the gold or don't show up.

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