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I Cant Wait To Watch You Watch Me

Hey! It’s nice to see that you found my profile. That must mean that you like the way I look. That makes me feel good. My name is Lisa and I am a Las Vegas escort. I also offer many Las Vegas stripper services if you want to enjoy me in a party atmosphere. You will not be disappointed either way. I started out as a stripper, but I always wanted more. I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do to please the men I was with. Being an escort and a stripper allows me to enjoy dancing and partying as well as a private one on one encounter. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything. I am sure you will see how much I love it while we are together.

Being a Las Vegas escort and a Las Vegas stripper is so much better than the job I had when I first got here. I used to work retail. Imagine a girl like me working retail. I was so restless and wanted so much more out of my Las Vegas experience. Being a stripper and escort allowed me to have the fun in Las Vegas that I always knew was possible for me. My co-workers thought I was crazy when I first quite my retail job to become a Las Vegas stripper. Now they are envious of me when I tell them all the fun I am having. Call me now and you can be a part of that fun. I can be your escort or your stripper. You will win no matter what.

Being a Las Vegas stripper is where I really learned to please men. I also learned the things that men like most about me so I could make them part of my allure. When I started doing Las Vegas escort services too; that’s when I started learning so much about Las Vegas. I have probably seen most of the shows that have come through Las Vegas. All my knowledge of the city and of men will play a part in making our date a success. Ask any guy that comes to watch me dance in Las Vegas strip clubs. The time you spend around me will make your Vegas trip amazing no matter what you hire me for.

One of my skills that seem to really entertain people as both a stripper and an escort is when I use toys. I really bring you into the action as you watch me pleasure myself with various goodies. You are in for so much more than you ever expected from a Las Vegas stripper or an escort. I know we are going to have so much fun together, but you have to call me first. Any questions you may have I will be glad to answer. I want to let you know that you made the right call. Tell me what you want to do with me and we will make it happen.

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