This stripper in Vegas always has a good time. Let her give you Vegas bachelor party ideas. This Las Vegas private dancer can't wait to disrobe.

An Escort Who Strips

Hey cute boy. Are you looking for a Las Vegas escort or stripper? I have some good news for you. I am both! I am Krissy. I will be either or both for you in Las Vegas tonight. It all depends on what you want. There is not one position that I do better than the other. I love several things about being both an escort and a stripper. I love being a Las Vegas escort because I get to paint the town with cool and interesting guys. I love being a Las Vegas stripper because it’s what I know. I have been a stripper for quite a while and I have always been in love with my job. The difference is that now I get to take my services to the next level.

Call me to be your Las Vegas escort or stripper and I will show you the next level of adult entertainment. The first thing I done when I came to Las Vegas was become a stripper. No other job really interested me. I didn’t move to Las Vegas so I could sit in an office all day. I came to Las Vegas to enjoy the greatest city in the world. Being an escort and stripper allows me to enjoy it in a different way every time I go out. I prefer being a Las Vegas escort and a stripper, but I still work in many strip clubs around Las Vegas. They can’t get enough of me and I know you won’t be able to as well.

My first love in Las Vegas was stripping so I know all the finest strip clubs that Vegas has to offer. I know you would have a blast with me at a strip club. I might even get up on stage and do a striptease just for you. If you want me one on one, I will be the greatest escort experience you have ever had. If you want me for a party, I am just as good at entertaining a crowd. I offer you the sexiest experience in Las Vegas whether you want me for your party or keep me all to yourself. I am to please no matter who I am there to entertain. I am here for all your Las Vegas escort and stripper needs and I’m just a phone call away.

There are things that I really love about being both a stripper and an escort. As a stripper, I’m famous for my lap dance. You will be so mesmerized by my body undressing in front of you. Your pleasure will go off the charts when I climb on our lap. As a Las Vegas escort, I’m famous for my girlfriend experience. I can be your plaything for the night or I can give you a fully immersive experience you will never forget. Call me now and let’s talk about what we are going to do when you come to Las Vegas.

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