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Naughtly Little Girl Next Door

Hi! I’m Jody and I want to be your Las Vegas escort the next time you are in town. I have been told that I look innocent and “green” sometimes. I guess it is sort of true. I have not been a Las Vegas escort that long, but awesome guys like you have made it really easy for me to learn. Guys seem to like my innocent demeanor. They like to take this little girl next door and make her naughty. Little do they know that I am already plenty naughty in my mind. Wait until I get you back to your room after a night out in Las Vegas. There is nothing innocent about the night we are going to have together. I cannot wait to show you.

Las Vegas seemed like a really big city when I first came here. People were sure that it would swallow me up. That is why I am so glad that I became a Las Vegas escort. It really helped me be more outgoing and show off the skills that I had just waiting to get out. I have always had talents, but I didn’t show them to anyone for years. I was too shy and reserved. As a Las Vegas escort, I am anything but shy and reserved. I really started to come out of my shell as a Las Vegas stripper. I fell in love with it and still like to dance in Vegas strip clubs. Nothing is better than being an escort though.

The first thing I learned about Las Vegas was how many great bars it has. The exclusive VIP bars are a lot of fun and fancy, but the little places are just as fun. I see more coming up every day and I love checking out new places. I want to show you how far I have come as I try my best to be the best escort in Las Vegas. If you don’t know your way around Las Vegas, you don’t have to worry about a thing. I won’t just take you around to a bunch of places I like to party. I will take you to the places you want to party. There is more than enough to do in Las Vegas and you will never run out of options with me as your escort.

The best part of the escort today is when we get to play in your room. I am really good at role playing. If you like me now, wait until I am making my best effort to be your fantasy. I want to strip for you or use toys or even give you an erotic massage. If you want me to guide you to a good time as your Las Vegas escort, I will be happy to. If you had something in mind, I will follow your lead. Call me now and we will talk.

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