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Las Vegas escorts are some of the most gorgeous escorts in the entire world. Why do you think I came here to be one? I wanted to be among the best. Hello gentlemen, you have reached the page of the one and only Dakota. My reputation precedes me and I made it a point to become the best escort in Las Vegas the moment I got here. There is no other city I could think of that was more deserving of my talents and I want to showcase all my talents for you. I have the style and class to show you a mind blowing night on the town in Las Vegas. I also have the sexiness to blow your mind again when we get back to your room for the night.

Las Vegas escorts are so common in Vegas that it’s hard to tell if you are ordering one that is quality. I am here to tell you that quality might as well be my middle name. I became a Las Vegas escort and my first priority was to be the best in town. I wanted a reputation of providing the finest escort services in Las Vegas. It didn’t take long for that reputation to grow. I am the go-to girl for all your high class escort needs. I love professionals and business men with expensive tastes. I also love regular guys who just come to Las Vegas looking for a good time. Both types of men have their own unique charm. If you are with me, you are my priority.

I love it when a guy calls me to be his Las Vegas escort and he gets nervous around me. It’s so cute when they think I am too pretty for them. I am not too pretty for you honey. I will be there for you and only you. I have class, but I am not a snob. I am just as happy to be with you as you are to be with me. I want to show you the VIP club experience and give you the night in Las Vegas you deserve. If you’re not a VIP type of guy, don’t worry. I like the little dives as well. The Double-down Saloon is my favorite. I can order a bacon martini and watch some great rock bands.

Anything you like to do, you will enjoy it more when you are with me. For instance, if you have received a massage before, you know how good it can feel. Nothing feels better than one of my erotic massages because I go beyond just a massage. I get nude and rub myself up against you. I start to get hot as I touch you all over and I start wanting you to touch me. We can do that or I can strip for you or use toys. The entire night is up to you. Call me now and let’s get started on your dream night in Las Vegas.

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