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Hi. My name is Tessa and I am an escort in Las Vegas. I am 23 years old and I have a few years of experience as an escort in Las Vegas. Many escorts in Vegas are great, but what sets me apart is the fact that besides being an escort, I am a stripper as well. When you are with me, you get the best of both worlds. I am a stripper at Sapphire where you can come and get some hot and steamy lap dances and strip shows from me. But if you are not content with that and you want to have a private time with me, all you need to do is take me as your escort.

Besides entertaining you at the strip club, I can also perform at your bachelor party as well as any other party or even you may have and require the presence of a hot and sexy stripper. I am a people person and a people pleaser. This is essential to all Las Vegas strippers and Las Vegas escorts. I know how to make guys have fun. In short, I am the life of the party. If you have me in yours, your guests will remember your party or event for a long time to come. Strippers in Las Vegas are great and you will not want any other if you want the best strip services. But strippers in Vegas are the best at what they do as well. I am good at both.

There is no better person to have fun with because I know the Vegas entertainment scene better than most. Having fun indoors or outdoors is not an issue. They all have a common denominator and that is that you will have the time of your life. If you are attending corporate or other social events and want a date to them, I will come dressed to impress. I will easily be one of the best dressed if not the best dressed lady present. Escorts have to have a sense of style if they want to make it in their trade. For me, it comes naturally. Strippers too need to know how to dress to tempt their clients. I know how to do both.

Watching me play with myself or with toys are some of the things you can see me do. If you are a good boy, you can watch me with another girl. For stripping, I can pole and lap dance for you. There are many more things I can do for you but I do not want to kill your surprise. I want you to come and find out some of the awesome things I will do for you and some we will do together. I like exploring new ways of having fun and you need to experience some of the best ways of having fun that I have discovered. For this, just call me and you will thank your lucky stars that you did.

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